New Perfume: Betsey Johnson by Betsey Johnson


This is the day of wonderful (see Sisley below) and gorgeous over-the-top fragrance bottles. Wonderful eccentric and designer Betsey Johnson has officially introduced her signature fragrance which will be distributed exclusively at Bloomingdale's until September before being sold in other locations like Nordstrom and Sephora. The bottle and the packaging were designed by an independent Dutch firm, Colorful Licenses. The fan-shaped top is flexible to allow the flacon to be easily carried in a purse while offering all its glamour once it's released. A woman after my own heart, Betsey Johnson has confessed that she has been known to buy beautiful perfumes with despicable juices in them. Let's hope Johnson took care not to do the same thing with her juice. If the scent is as gorgeous as the bottle it should smell gooooood.

The tantalizing juice is described as a fruity floriental. Top notes are pear, tangerine, grapefruit and blackcurrant. Heart notes are freesia and lily of the valley. Base notes are cedarwood, sandalwood, praline, amber and musk. The perfume was composed by nose Bernard Blanc in collaboration with Mane and the Karis Group and Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson in 50 and 100 ml flacons will retail respectively for $55 and $75. 

Sources: The Moodie Report and Women's Wear Daily 

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  1. Well, it doesn't sound like everything else on the market, does it? Betsey should at least be interesting, given her clothes!

  2. I just love the design and the concept behind it. Let's hope the juice won't disappoint:)

  3. Hm, interesting. In a way it sounds like a sweeter more candy variation on her last signature scent. The earlier one I tried (and there was one before that one, too, I believe) was rather nice, but too fruity for me to care much about.The bottle looks so fun and funky, but I'm afraid I can't hold my breath hoping this newest one will be all that and a bag of chips.

  4. I just saw one other of her perfumes in a much more sober, rectangular bottle. We'll see:)

  5. I recently bought the new besty johnson perfume and it smells sooooo good. a ver soft smell, not strong like most parfums out on the market. Love it!

  6. Bought it and love it! I'm impressed with her cross-over into fragrance.

  7. Bought it and love it! I'm impressed with her cross-over into fragrance.

  8. Does anyone know where I can get the original Betsey Johnson perfume? Has anyone seen leftover bottles online or in any stores??

  9. K.B.,

    You can find it at

  10. I just bought it tonight, and I LOVE it!!! It smells like candy and citrus. Yum!

  11. I just bought this the other day at tj maxx. I only paid $22 for a clearance box that was unopened and looked still brand new. I love it! To me it is a soft caramel floral fruity scent. Not too sweet, but just enough to be sexy. It's my new favorite.

    • I just saw your post from 2006! I also had the ORIGINAL round bottle with pink flowers of Betsey Johnson's cologne - it was named "ME". I still have a tiny bit left and every time I ever wore it someone asked me about it! SO different!!

      So, did you ever manage to find it?! If so, please contact me! Let's keep hunting for it, so keep in touch! One of the most unusual fragrances out there. cannot understand why it suddenly disappeared -?!

      Hope to hear from you, even though it's now 2014!

      Melanie Wade
    • Hi Rebecca...I too first found the little round bottle w/pink flowers back in the 90s - it is called "ME". I still have a little left! It is the most unusual fragrance ever and folks always asked me about it. I don't understand why she disco'd it!!
      So, have you found it? I hope this finds you,even though it's now 2014! Someone said that "Hello Girlfriend" is about the same thing - what do you think? I've never smelled it....I bought the ME cologne at a Betsey Johnson boutique in Georgetown/D.C. area.
      Hope to hear back from you. Let's keep on the hunt for this one!
      Thanks, Melanie

      Melanie Wade
  12. I wore the original Betsey Johnson perfume all through high school and college. Its the circular bottle with little pink flowers on it. Does anyone know where I can find? Did you find it?

    Alyson Lillis
  13. Where can I find the original Betsey Johnson. It's the only perfume that I LOVE. Not too fond of the new perfume.

  14. Despite the previous comment above, I did not find the OLD Betsey Johnson formula at The new one is everywhere. Has anyone found the old formula in the square bottle at all? I am not too fond of the new one either.

  15. This is certainly a bizzare posting, and with all do respect for Betsy Johnson's fine fragrances, i am wonderining if you -- Alyson Lillis are the same Alyson Lillis formerly of Clinton New Jersey. I apologize if not, but if so contact me..

  16. Im trying to find the original Betsey Johnson Perfume Hello Girlfriend for my girlfriend for christmas, please help me... please please i've been looking forever

  17. I thought I was the only loyal fan to THE ORIGINAL rectangle bottled Betsey Johnson perfume. She bring it back and launch a "back by popular demand" campaign. I would buy cases of the previous version if it were available and would NOT SHARE with anyone. Any news on where it can be found?

    M Carbonell
  18. I smelled this perfume at a waredore store and fell in love with it. Beg for it on my birthday

    sandra z
  19. Any news regarding the original scent? I also wore it for the last decade and am hoping there's somewhere to find it...I wish she would bring it back.

  20. DESPERATELY SEEKING ORIGINAL BETSEY FRAGRANCE, OR BATH GEL OR BODY LOTION..let's all write betsey letters...she has to relaunch it as i can't find it anywhere, and would love to buy some, but not at $150 a bottle that's on ebay once a year...

    tamara manor
  21. As per a post I see above, if you're looking for a bottle of the BETSEY JOHNSON Original Perfume [hello girlfriend - square bottle], I just posted it on ebay. Just thought you'd like to know! Go to and look up Item number: 190264403720

  22. I'm also a giant fan of the original perfume, and just about to run out of my last tiny bits. Does anyone know if the formula in the square bottle is the same as the one in the spherical bottle? I've always assumed so, but perhaps that's not true.

    Liz G.
  23. Who found me from Clinton, NJ?

  24. I bought the Betsey Johnson perfume Hello Girlfriend at the Somerset Mall in Troy Mi sprayed only twice. I now have it on ebay item #270401891134

  25. I was curious about this perfume as I LOVE Betsey Johnson dresses and accessories. Felt so lucky when I found it at TJ Maxx for only $20, bought it..smelled it..fell in LOVE with it. It's my new favorite perfume and although it's not for everyone, it's different from any other perfume I've ever smelled & it's modern but classy and very sweet at the same time. Love this stuff!

  26. Is this the same Alyson from Grey Advertising?

    Ben Argile
  27. i doubt any of you will see this answer, but the round 1.6 oz bottle with brown juice and a little pink flower was BEFORE the rectangular bottle. it was early or mid 90s. it was D/Ced, but then she "brought it back" in the rectangular Hello Girlfriend. it's almost the same, though there is a slight difference. the round bottle's juice was *perfection* ~ and the rectangular one is missing... something. close, though! you can find hello girlfriend on ebay and on one or two online perfume shops; i have never seen the little round bottle anywhere since probably my vanity in 1996 or so. :(

    leslie fears

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