New Perfume: Miss Sixty Elixir by Miss Sixty


Following the launch of their first eponymous fragrance, Miss Sixty, the Italian fashion label will introduce at the end of August in Europe a new women's perfume called Miss Sixty Elixir. It is described as an ultra-modern, unconventional, and incredibly sexy fruity oriental, destined to women who are ready to play the game of seduction. It was created by nose Marie Salamagne of Firmenich. The face for the perfume is artist Asia Argento. It targets women aged between 18 and 25 years old, a group seen as being highly fashion conscious.

Top notes are star anise and grapefruit. Heart notes are lotus flower and borrachero, a rare tropical flower originating from Colombia and Ecuador. Base notes are vanilla and sandalwood.

The eau de toilette version will retail for 15.50, 26, and 34 Euros for 15 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml flacons. The eau de parfum in a 50 ml flacon will retail for 39 Euros. The interesting-looking perfume bottle was designed by Cent Degrés.


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  1. Way cute bottle, but I am far from their target market, lol!


  2. R,

    LOL, I prefer to ignore these types of limitations.

  3. Hmmmm. On the one hand, I am soooo not their target market. On the other, grapefruit and anise sound delish. But I bet it just ends up being really sweet and fruity musk.

  4. March,

    I'm intrigued by that borrachero flower. I would like to smell one. It turns out they have one here in the neighborhood. I'm sure that whichever scientist is nursing it might be interested to learn it's a note in Miss Sixty Elixir:) Love the bottle.


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