Scented Quote of the Day, from Serge Lutens:


 Given the question, "what is your philosophical recipe for happiness?" Serge Lutens answers:

One day I heard a sentence -- was it in a movie? -- that summarizes my philosophy pretty well: "When the gods want to punish you, they grant all your wishes." Very often, when we wish for something, what we get is something else. And it is that other thing that, in my opinion, is the most interesting. This applies to the making of a perfume. From the time the essences are arranged to reach a desired effect to the time when a result is actually achieved by their association, there is a world of difference. At that point in time I usually say to myself, "Thank God, my wish was not granted!"

(Translated from the French by Mimi Froufrou)

Image source: Aus Liebe zum Duft

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  1. Sounds like the old Gypsy curse...we're all pretty familiar with the fact that M. Lutens' creations often end up in a vastly different place from whence they sprang!

    chaya ruchama
  2. Ah! Great quote...Wise man. I find this especially relevant, because of the Made by Blog project. Am going to keep this in mind.

  3. Awesome quote! I wonder if this also applies to all my perfume lemmings... Hmm..

  4. Chaya,

    It does sound indeed like the old gypsy curse, gladly averted in his case. I am curious, what do you mean?

    Mimi Froufrou
  5. Marina,

    I agree, it's a great quote and one that is liberating at that! I think it's going to be a profound insight applied to the making of your holy grail.

    Mimi Froufrou
  6. Ina,

    A deep, profound quote. I think it does apply to many of my perfume lemmings, although sometimes my intuition is right too. However, it means in the latter case that I was cursed by the gods:) Ah, a liberating quote indeed!

    Mimi Froufrou
  7. How true, how true! The creation of perfume mirrors life itself. :)


  8. R,

    Yes, and there's an alchemical meaning to life:)

    Mimi Froufrou
  9. Hi, MImi-
    Regarding the Gypsy curse-"may you get what you want,and want what you get";a propos of SL fragrance, so many begin and end differently... i.e., Un Cedre- it explodes with floralcy, tuberose almost too intense to bear, but if you can wait it out, you are rewarded with a subtle, faintly cinnamon-y, barely woody skin scent which even the fussy respond to [with avid sniffing, no less].

    I've learned the hard way that I need to keep an open mind [with his export work, particularly] because I don't always find love at first scent...some things need to grow on you, take time to marinate.

    chaya ruchama
  10. Chaya,

    Gotch'ya! I personally always try to keep an open mind regarding any perfumes because there are so many different factors that contribute to our perceptions of them. I am all too aware that perfumes evolve with time in many different ways and at many different levels. The only thing I won't be broad-minded about is a cheap-smelling perfume, that I can't take.

    Mimi Froufrou

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