Lush Big Shampoo: Review {Beauty Notes} {Hair}


I have to rave about this shampoo. First of all it smells good; it is composed with fragrant ingredients such as seaweed infusion, fresh lemon infusion, fresh lime juice, neroli oil, mandarin oil, vanilla absolute, and even orris absolute. The mix, out of the pot, smells a little like a subtle suntan oil lotion making you think of the holidays and the sea. There is actually Scottish sea water in the recipe. The shampoo has a granulous sea salt base, none of which remains in your hair. It lathers richly so you don't need to put a big quantity of it each time. On wet hair, the shampoo smells a little of light patchouli.

The results are excellent: your hair feels squeaky clean at the end of the shampooing session and when they dry they offer a new volume and a lustrous sheen from top to bottom. I see it as a shampoo + beauty mask for the hair. It makes them look really healthy.

It retails for $17.95 on the Lush site 

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  1. Boy, that sounds nice. I'm trying to decide how well that tub concept would work in the shower, though... does it fit in your hand?

  2. Yes, absolutely, it fits in the palm of your hand. You can put it on a soap holder without any problem.

  3. Dang...I'll have to try that.

    Do you think it will work well on my curly/frizzy locks?


  4. If you tend to have dry frizzy hair, then you might want to use a conditioner afterwards. Other than that, I think it would work fine.

    Have a good weekend.


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