The 5th Sense in the News: The SmHell of New York in the Summer, New Website for Bond no 9

There is an article in the Washington Post on Laurice Rahme of Bond no 9 on a mission to find the stinkiest place in New York city together with a team of experts (via Blogdorf Goodman.)

Eau Dear: Sniffing Out the Big Apple's Smelliest Spots 

More news regarding Bond no 9: the perfume house has now a new website and can sell its fragrances directly online (via Blog for Beauty & Coutorture).



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  1. Salut, Helene !

    My DH found this article yesterday, and I adored it- especially the "sanitation engineer"...LOVE that guy!

    Personally, I confess to enjoying the smell of most things, even if they make me ill...the irony here , is that my friends counter with-"for someone who always smells good and adores perfume, HOW can you STAND that odor?"...

    As if the two were mutually exclusive!

    Have a lovely w/e-

  2. They are not mutually exclusive, absolutely.

    Have a good one too.


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