Fragrance News: Free Sample of Vera Wang Princess

You can get a complimentary sample of the new Vera Wang Princess perfume on the Vera Wang Princess website if you take the time to fill out a questionnaire.

Update: apparently this offer is no longer valid.

Source: Cosmetic News 

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  1. I am trying to get a sample of vera wang princess for my daughter to try before we buy it for her.we have reactions to some perfumes.

    patricia freitas
  2. the offer you have posted is not available

    patricia freitas
  3. i want get free sample because want to buy my kazen she is 14 her birthday be in next month.

  4. Well i have the perfume for about two years or so now. I have to say i love this perfume. it's amazing. i have the whole bottle of perfume. it costs a lot of money, but i'd buy it anyways because of the great smell.


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