Fragrance News: Upcoming Fragrance Book, Le Printemps de Guerlain


The Editions du Cherche-Midi is going to publish a new book on the house of Guerlain entitled, Le Printemps de Guerlain. It is written by Maryline Desbiolles, the recipient for the Femina literary prize for her book, Anchise. The author traces the 178 year old history of Guerlain.

It will be published at the end of October 2006, in the collection "Beaux Livres" and will retail for 50 Euros. The book is 256 pages long and comprises more than 80 unpublished documents. It will be sold in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada in bookstores as well as in the Guerlain boutiques.

Source: Au Féminin 

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  1. Oh, Helene....
    This sounds like my kind of book!

    A few years back,a book was released called "Le Jardin parfume"- it was wonderful.Guerlain was involved with the publishing of it, but a history- now that's something!

    Thanks for the info...
    You are always SO helpful!

  2. Yes, and it's said to be written in a poetic style too.

  3. I just bought this book yesterday in english translation. It sure is Fab, a pur ejoy only to look even. Textwise, there isn't a whole lot but oh the beautiful photographs!


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