Fragrance News: Victoria & David Beckham to Release Couple Perfumes


Former Posh Spice and husband David Beckham are to release a duo of fragrances next month called Intimately. The ad campaign is rumoured to be particularly sexy.

You can read more about the couple and their two upcoming fragrances in the Daily Mirror:

Eau de Posh & Becks... 

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  1. Ugh. I cannot think of a less appealing couple to launch a fragrance -- Britney and K-Fed, maybe?

    Everyone's always saying what a style dog David is. I think he's repulsive, and she's about 600 calories away from death by starvation.

    Okay, snark over.

  2. That was some strong opinion March. Just read on Are You a Beauty today that David is putting her on a fattening diet so they can have a 4th kid, a girl hopefully.


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