The 5th Sense in the News: Interview with Roja Dove on Celebrity Perfumes, The Rise of Female Noses, Scents will be Used During The Story of a Murderer, The Launch of Intimately by Beckham


• There is, or rather there will be tomorrow, both a humorous and illuminating article on celebrity fragrances in The Guardian of August 23 2006. Roja Dove shares his thoughts with Laura Barton on the trend as well as reviews several of those perfumes, including the new duo of fragrances, Intimately by Beckham: Naomi's is Hideous

"It was Matt Dillon who once observed that "When I go really far back in time, to the days when everyone was dying of cholera and syphilis and bubonic plague, I want nothing to do with those periods. I mean, nobody showered. That's why perfume became such a popular item." Dillon has yet to offer his explanation for the popularity of celebrity perfume, but the reasons are probably similar: such fragrances are an attempt to elevate ourselves above the great unwashed..." 

• Judith Keeling writes about the increasing number of women embracing the profession of nose in the Daily Mail of August 21 2006: Scent of Success

• The Australian of August 23 2006 says: "CINEMAS are planning to slip some tantalising smells into the airconditioning when they screen Perfume: The Story of a Murderer early next year. The film is an adaptation of the wonderful Patrick Suskind novel about an 18th-century French gentleman's obsession with smell."

• An article by Maxine Frith on celebs' fragrances and the launch of Intimately by Beckham in The Independent of August 22 2006: Beckham 'Band-Wagon' Rolls on with New Fragrance.

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