The 5th Sense in the News: Perfumes (and Any Liquid for that Matter) Banned From Airplanes

Check the video on the front page of the New York Times showing tightening of security measures at airports. Airport security is witch hunting any type of liquid that a passenger might carry, including water. An unlucky person saw his expensive perfume end up in a trash bag. The Moodie Report also says that airport retail is in crisis and that business people are attempting to organize deliveries at the gate to overcome the crisis.

New York Times 

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  1. Yes! I had a moment of panic flying out of DCA that they were going to require me to pour out the 100ml (?) L'Artisan Carotte I was taking to NYC for Patty ... coming back I was carrying a couple of new bottles, and was worried again. Now I know, I will only carry small decants.

  2. March,

    You were lucky! And Patty too:)

  3. Boo..Hisss...
    No perfume???
    No toothpaste???
    No contact lens solution???


  4. Chaya,

    And may I add, what, no water!!! I always carry a huge bottle of water with me when I fly.


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