Fragrance News: Coach to Launch Its First Fragrance




Coach, the top American leather goods brand will partner up with Estée Lauder to launch its first ever fragrance since the establishment of the house in 1941. The perfume is expected to be out in March or April 2007...

According to Coach's Chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort " the numerous market surveys we've done over the last several years, fragrance is the most-requested addition to the Coach brand. We see fragrance as an anchor; it speaks to women of all generations." The fragrance will be primarily distributed in the freestanding Coach stores and on A wider distribution plan might follow. Coach is also thinking about launching other beauty products.

Hmmm...a leather fragrance? This would certainly be an original proposition in the current fragrance market context. 

Source: Women's Wear Daily

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  1. $10 says it's another dull fruity-floral...

    I think their demographic is pretty young, I'm envisioning something like the more "sophisticated" end of the RL fragrance line...

    but I'm just cross because I liked the way their bags were made BEFORE, when the company was dying off...

  2. March,

    I just read that the scent is described as a fresh and sophisticated fragrance. I didn't know Coach before 1995.

  3. I'm with March on this one- [big surprise!]

    I don't even stick my nose in there anymore, I've completely lost interest.

  4. Mimi -- their bags used to be superb -- workhorse leather, no frills, no linings, brass horse-bit hardware, with a lifetime warranty. They came in maybe 6 styles and were anything but trendy. Hard to imagine now... I own a few of the old style and I figure in another, oh, 30 years maybe they'll be worth something. I am sentimental because the first came from my mother -- my first "grown up" purse at age 14 or so.

  5. Original? Plenty of ppl have made fragrances w/a leather scent to them. Avon makes one of my fave classic men's cologne called "Black Suede". If Coach is gonna go out on a limb and make a fragrance it wouldn't hurt if they put hints of leather in it. At least they'd be sticking to what they know.


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