New Perfumes: Le Parfum by Thierry Mugler Based on the Novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind


The limited edition of the fragrance(s) Le Parfum by Thierry Mugler based on Patrick Suskind's bestseller novel Perfume about a man whose uncommon beginnings in life and unique sense of smell lead him to murder and perdition is about to be released.

According to Osmoz, "Perfume, the novel by Patrick Süskind, was a huge international success, with over 15 million copies printed worldwide. Rarely has perfume had such a leading role. In 2006, this fabulous and fascinating story is coming to the cinema. No one had dared to attempt to bring into existence the extraordinary accords the author had described in such detail. Until now. In this boxed set of 15 fragrances, Thierry Mugler dares to present the novel’s 15 olfactory themes. ‘Disturbing, arousing, divine, sensual, icy… none of the fifteen compositions will leave you indifferent’...

The boxed set contains fourteen olfactory compositions bearing the names Baby, Paris 1738, Atelier Grimal, Virgin Number One, Boutique Baldini, Amor & Psyche, Nuit Napolitaine, Ermite, Salon Rouge, Human Existence, Absolu Jasmin, Sea, Noblesse, Orgie. Uncompromising fragrances evoking human warmth, love, sexuality, wealth, virginity and more… The fifteenth fragrance, ‘Aura’ is a creative interpretation of the bewitching magic spell cast by the ‘virtuoso, terrifying scent of Grenouille’, the murderous hero of Perfume. 84 ingredients compose its top-secret formula, by fragrance designers Christophe Laudamiel and Christophe Hornetz."

You can visit: or call (33 0)1 46 43 31 80 to find out more about this ultra-limited edition.

Source: Osmoz

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  1. Good evening,
    I just read about the new creation of Thierry Mugler and I´m very interested in. I´m a teacher and I´m going to read the book "Das Parfum", which is written by patrick Süskind with my class. Because of that I would really like to know where I could order the cretion set and what it costs.
    Thank you for your help!
    Joana Peters

    Joana Peters
  2. Greetings Joana,

    I've called Thierry Mugler and will post their info today because it's interesting. I can tell you right away that it costs 550 Euros.


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