Scented Quote of the Day, from Anonymous:


"The main fact about latter-day perfumery is that the only crime is to vary it. Many fashionable women have chosen a distinctive flower, which they always wear but there is no unwritten law against the varying of the blossom".


Picture is from and represents Hats at the Exposition Universelle of 1900. 

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  1. Deaer Mimi,
    What a simple yet complex statement ! I do not know exactly where to go with this one --except to say .. I have no loyalty to any one scent, lipstick, cosmetic -whatsoever. I love to try new things . Maybe I am not a lady , after all according to this article. We can all be grateful,hoevever, that there is no unwritten law about the varting of the blossiom ! Wow . Well , I , for , one am exceptionally grateful to live in this centur , in this age, and in a country where I can choose to wear pretty much what my heart desires ! Thank you for this most provocative quote !
    Madelyn E

    Madelyn E
  2. Dear Madelyn,

    I thought that this quote was fascinating. Such a different era!

  3. And may I add that it is an interesting quote to me in particular because it reveals a tension and points to an era of transition.

  4. The quote is interesting, but allow me to "squeeeee!" over those grand hats! Wow. Weirdly, it makes me want to go and watch Four Weddings and a Funeral now :)

  5. Katie,

    Aren't they gorgeous! I understand you, it's such eye candy to look at beautiful hats. And it's a good movie too:)


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