Fragrance News: Free Sample of Forbidden Fruit by Desperate Housewives


You can request a free sample of Forbidden Fruit here (Update: offer non longer valid). It takes up to 4-6 weeks to receive the sample.

The new perfume based on the popular TV show, Desperate Housewives, is described as a sensual fruity floriental. Each of the five main characters in the series is symbolized by a specific note in the perfume. You can read my previous post about the perfume here.

The fragrance is available for sale at Macy's:

Forbidden Fruit at Macy's via Amazon

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  1. Clever marketing, but HOW bizarre...

    I suppose that adults won't buy sippy-cups or action figures, or panties with these characters emblazoned on them... sigh...

  2. Ooooh -- gotta get me to Macy's!

  3. I signed up for a sample, but I've signed up for samples previously through Coty, and have yet to receive a single one. Kind of a pity, but at least Coty stuff is everywhere so it's not too hard to track down anyhow.

  4. Katie,

    I signed up to but the offer is valid only while supplies last. Yes, it shouldn't be a problem to test from a good number of stores.

  5. This link is no longer valid.

    Laurie Winger
  6. Ok, thanks Laurie. I will update the different posts you pointed to. It is confusing I suppose....


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