Fragrance News: Eugénie by Rancé 1795


The historic perfume house of Rancé 1795 has released a re-edition of a perfume that was initially blended for Empress Eugénie of France (1826-1920), also known as Eugénie de Montijo. The eau de parfum is simply called Eugénie...

Head notes are lily of the valley, melon, mandarine, bergamot, narcissus, passion fruit. Heart notes are neroli, peach, magnolia, rose absolut, jasmine, violet leaves. Base notes are sandalwood, oak musk, vetiver, amber, vanilla.

The perfume is available in two sizes, $75 and $115 for 50 ml and 100 ml respectively. It is available at Luscious Cargo.

Other historic perfumes in the Rancé line comprises Joséphine in reference to Joséphine de Beauharnais and Le Vainqueur in reference to Napoléon Bonaparte. Both of these were also initially blended for these two other famous patrons.

Sources: and Luscious Cargo.

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  1. I smelled some of the Rance line in Vienna. I really need to give it more attention.

  2. Beautiful packaging...
    This company is not new, but I've not had the opportunity to smell them, though some fragrances sound intriguing.

  3. I know Josephine and Le Vainqueur. Would need to test them more in depth.

  4. Chaya,

    If you're attracted to historic scents that's a good place to go.

  5. I am looking for a men's perfume of Rance.
    Its name is : Eau Fraiche.

    Where can I find it?
    Can you help me, please?



  6. I use Eugenie France products & would like to be added to your email advertising, thank you

    Deborah Powell

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