Bath by Bobbi Brown {New Perfume}



Bobbi Brown launched her fourth perfume this month. It is called Bath as it is redolent of what is described as a "fresh-out-of-the-shower" scent. Interestingly enough, Bobbi Brown wanted to have a perfume that would smell of cleanliness but without containing any musk in it. She offers to make the distinction between smell lovers and perfume lovers...

"I realized I'm a smell lover but not necessarily a perfume lover. I really like scents based on smell and not classic fragrances," said Brown. "I wanted my fragrance to smell like a bar of ivory soap. I've always loved the way people smell when they get out of the bath. This fragrance is targeted for women who don't really love perfume but love smells and love smelling good."

The Bath eau de toilette features notes of water hyacinth, neroli, orange flower, white lily, aromatic sage and sandalwood with hints of patchouli. Bath is priced at $40 for a 30-ml. bottle.

You can purchase the new Bobbi Brown fragrance on their website

Source: Women's Wear Daily

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  1. You know, I'm not really a "clean" genre fan, but this actually sounds intriguing. No musk? Hm. And the notes sound like completely calming ones. Interesting - thanks.

  2. I am also intrigued as I see that Bobbi Brown worked with a very personal concept. It's something that is dear to her heart. Always worth checking these experiential products so to speak.

  3. Helene, I swear the gremlins are eating my comments, I left one here and at Fragonard yesterday...

    I'm willing to give this a chance, because I think Bobbi is a neat lady and has some great ideas, but who gets out of the shower smelling like sandalwood and patchouli?

  4. I like "Almost Bare"--but "Bath??!!" I might give it a try.


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