New Fragrance Line, Get Juic'd by Calgon {Fragrance News}



Yes, that's right; hard to believe but someone at Calgon thought there were not enough fruity fragrances in the world. They are launching a line evocatively called Get Juic'd whose driving concept and purpose seem to be that ever more fruits in fragrances can only help satisfy the world's massive cravings for these. It's called a trend or it's called conformism, you decide. Well, I guess that the only way a trend will die is when it's run its full course unimpeded...

According to Women's Wear Daily, "Calgon is taking a cue from the fruit-scented trend taking place in prestige fragrance and is launching a line of mists and lotions with fruit-flavored formulas. The new line, called Get Juic'd, includes Plum Raspberry, Pineapple Coconut and White Grape Peach variations of mist and lotion to be shipped to mass retailers in January (2007). A promotional Lip Shimmer will also be available in the same flavors".

The culprit is probably the prestige fragrance industry. 

The mists will retail for $6.95 each; the lotions will cost $4.65 each, and the lip items will cost $3.99 each.

Source: Women's Wear Daily


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