Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale {New Men's Perfume}


The famous Cognac brand Courvoisier is following the examples of other alcohol brands who have created liquor-inspired perfumes based on their own specialties, like Frapin 1270, Infusion, Botrytis or Le Boisé. It will introduce a fragrance called Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale in the spring of 2007, which was created by perfumer Alexis Dadier. The fragrance will be marketed as a men's cologne and will aim the 25 to 35 age group...

According to Business Wire, "...Courvoisier L'edition Imperiale is not a cognac-flavored fragrance. Top notes for Courvoisier™ L'edition Imperiale are cardamom, mandarin, tagette and coriander. Mid notes include atlas cedarwood, smoked tea, royal calla lily and violet, while the dry down contains vetiver, fir balsam, leather and warm amber. 

It is described as a woody Oriental and according to Paul Baron is "...reminiscent of the barrels used to age the cognac, surrounded by a hint of flowers which represent the grapes used to make the brandy, which comes from France's Cognac region".

The perfume ...will feature elegant packaging. The cap and shoulder of the bottle is made using zamac, a high-end molded metal, while the rectangular shaped glass bottle will have a slight belly on profile and will be grooved to add the essence of hand-cut crystal.

Courvoisier™ L'edition Imperiale eau de parfum will retail for more than $100 USD per 75ml bottle while the eau de toilette will retail for slightly lower than $100 USD per 75ml bottle. Both concentrations of the fragrance will also be available in 125ml bottles".

Sources: Cosmetics International, Chicago Business, Business Wire, Courvoisier 

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  1. Bonjour, Helene !

    Anyone breathing the word 'cognac' has naturally got my attention.

    That said, you KNOW I'm going to object to the profiling of young professional males for this one.

    I personally , love these notes- Frapin, in particular, is lovely [I wish it came in parfum, as it tends to have a "ghostly" feel about it].

    I the words of the lovely Ms. Zorn- "you can't wear the bottle "-
    So, if only the presentation is good, I will surely be sad !


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