Guerlain Has Been Ordered to Stop Commercializing Insolence {Fragrance News}


The French justice system has now forbidden the commercialization of the latest perfume release by Guerlain, Insolence, which was launched not long ago, in August 2006. Hillary Swank is the face for the fragrance...

It has been determined that the flacon for Insolence presents very close similarities with a bottle designed by Jean-Claude Cardiet of Cardiet Design. In order for Guerlain to start marketing Insolence again the house will need to come up with a new bottle design. The perfume house is thinking of appealing against the judgement.

If you have a collector's instinct, you know what you need to do now: get a copy of Guerlain Insolence (the original bottle version) while you can.


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  1. Good god! Is this for real?!
    First, the bottle is one of the good things about Insolence (in my opinion).
    Second, would I be a completel cynic if I hinted that maybe that's the effect they are aiming for? (getting us to rush and buy every single bottle out there?)
    Thanks for the news, anyway.

  2. Wow, that is so ... French. I loved the way they put it: the commercialization of it. As if it weren't already 100% commercialized, in an entirely commercial industry.

    What Helg said. Is this a way to make us buy it?

  3. Yes Ladies,
    I did run out and buy not only the $65. gift set of Insolent-- don't faint ....but..(dare I admit) the 1/4 ounce parfum !! I guessI really liked it. No . I would have pined for it anyway. I just really love that violet !
    Thanks for the warning 1 I am now enjoying my birthdat gift -- to MySeLF !!
    Best Scented regards,
    Madelyn E

    Madelyn E
  4. It seems to be unfortunately true. I doubt they would have used this as a marketing ploy; it does not reflect well on the house. I think they still want to retain respectability even if they are seeking to rejuvenate themselves.

  5. Happy Birthday to you Madelyn.

  6. M. Cardiet is a close friend of mine and his name, if you look elsewhere, is Jean-Claude not Jean-Pierre. His complaint is valid and since he makes his living designing perfume bottles the complaint is necessary for his business' survival. There is no cynical intent on the part of Guerlain to boost sales. Why they won't just license his design and be done with it is a mystery which speaks to their business ethics IMO.

  7. Marie-Claire,

    Thank you for the name correction.

    In our latest post on the story, based on FashionMag. fr, we were able to show Mansau's sculpture but found no comparative mention of Jean-Claude Cardiet's design. Please let us know if a picture of Cardiet's design is available somewhere.


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