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Cosmetic News is now relaying the news regarding the verdict given on the Guerlain Insolence case last Friday October 20 2006: "French beauty brand Guerlain (LVMH) has been ordered by a Paris court to cease selling its latest fragrance, Insolence, in its current bottle. Judge Claude Vallet, who deals with urgent cases at Paris's Court of First Instance, found that the packaging by Serge Mansau, composed of three half-spheres atop each other, was too similar to a design registered by Jean-Claude Cardiet of Paris firm Cardiet Design....

Guerlain must therefore stop production of the packaging within 15 days of the judgement, dated October 20 [2006], although it has not been ordered to take existing bottles of the fragrance off the market. Guerlain representatives were unavailable to comment".

This decision comes in the midst of a vast brand communication campaign initiated by Guerlain with the recent introduction of Insolence. The house is attempting to capture a younger segment of the market and to overcome its typification as a classic bourgeois (hope this does not sound too Marxist, not my intention) perfume house.

The controversy was perhaps not contained in the jus itself which many people, including The Scented Salamander, thought was not very insolent. The packaging ironically is now revealing the full impact of the perfume it seems.

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  1. Is that a court sketch of the Insolence bottle? It's cracking me up!

  2. No, I believe it's not a court sketch. It represents Insolence.

  3. Hélène,
    I was just being facetious, you know, visualising the Insolence bottle in the dock, the pour soul being tried for plagiarism, while someone (the court sketch artist) happened to make a sketch of it... :)

  4. Dusan,

    I think your question was relevant nevertheless:)

    I agree that this could make for an hilarious subject for a comedy skit.

  5. Hey, guess it's a good time to snag a few bottles. You never know - maybe 20 years down the road, it'll be worth good money!


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