Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses: Meet Sali Oguri Perfumer & Musician at Siberia Bar NY 8 pm on Sat October 21 2006 + Free Samples & CDs

Singer, Composer, and Perfumer Sali Oguri, the author of Pink Manhattan, will perform this Saturday October 21 2006 at Siberia Bar NY at 8 pm. The first 10 persons to arrive there will get free samples of her unreleased perfume dedicated to the goddess of the underworld, Persephone, plus free CDs of her unreleased songs.



Here are the notes for and the description of the perfume in Sali's own words:.... 

"The "unreleased" Mix (Persephone)--2006 WUJ Productions, New York
Notes: Hyacinth, pomegranate, Mysore sandalwood, blackberry, magnolia, amber, dark chocolate

The perfume has been a favorite of mine as well as among people close to me. I've referred to it before as my "sexy skin scent" and that's really what it is to me--a sensual comfort scent. I think of it as a somewhat mysterious semi-Gourmand-woody Oriental with just a hint of the lightest spring flowers in pale purple hues. The colors implied here are all royal purple with a hint of red (pomegranate). It's not a heavy blend per se but it's deeper and lower-pitched than my first creation, Pink Manhattan PURRFUME. If Pink Manhattan seems sunny and bright, the new blend is brooding, yet it has tenderness--a warm, earthy serenity, like sweet leather. My second blend leans more toward an elegant, classic style, although it's still not what I'd call a classical perfume. It is classical in structure but it smells like a modern perfume with hints of Gourmand--but don't let the chocolate scare you--this is not so hypersweet. It's a unique blend, soft and surprisingly delicate for a rich Gourmand blend, and I am happy with it. I believe it will suit perfume lovers of all types, from fans of rich Orientals to sweet Gourmand lovers, and even Floral lovers like me would be drawn to the fay, ethereal floralcy. The fruits are mere accents in this blend; you won't find heavy berries here but they somehow round out the composition and add a succulent dimension!

You can read more about the show and the perfume here

You can learn more about Sali Oguri's passion for music and perfumes in the interview she gave to The Scented Salamander. 

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