Madonna Nudes 1979 by Mypa {New Perfumes}



The Mypa brand has launched a mass-marketed collection of four fragrances inspired by the encounter in 1979 of then unknown Madonna with photographer Martin Schreiber. They met to work on a series of nude photos. The perfumes are called Crazy, Kiss, Jeans, and Pop, each being packaged in a different color....


Crazy is green and has notes of cut grass, flowers, and citruses. Kiss comes in pink bottle and offers a bouquet of Jasmine and iris with spicy accents. Jeans is blue and is described as an aquatic floral with notes of water lily, citron, and bergamot. Pop is colored orange and has top notes of lime and fruity notes. Heart is based on frosted pear. Base note is vanilla.

Source: Osmoz 


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  1. Hello!
    By the way, none of these scents are endorsed by Madonna, she lost the rights to those pictures and to the name "Madonna Nudes 1979".
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Ivan,

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering about that. She is one of the celebs I would be interested in seeing developing a scent as I think she might put quite a bit of herself into it.

  3. I was wondering, when will the public be able to buy these. I am intrigued! I adore madonna and everything she does! Email me back if you have the time anyone can email me anytime.

    Alycia Maria

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