Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears {Fragrance News}


Britney Spears will launch a new fragrance in January 2007 called Midnight Fantasy. The bottle will be the same as the one designed for Fantasy except that its color will be in a midnight blue hue. The perfume was created by Caroline Sabas of Givaudan.

The scent is described as a fruity floral concoction and includes notes of "...black cherries, plum, orchid and freesia with base notes of musk and amber. 

Midnight Fantasy line comprises three EdP skus, priced from $35 for 30ml to $55 for 100ml. Advertising and gift-with-purchase promotions will accompany the launch".

Source: The Moodie Report 

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  1. Is it a coincidence that the bottle design for Britney Spears' Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy bears more than a striking resemblance to Charles Worth's 1924 fragrance, "Dans La Nuit"? We think not.


    Worth a Look
  2. You know, I had not thought about it but now that you point it out there is certainly a kinship. The spirit is very different though with the plastic, girly girl style etc. That's probably why I did not think of it. May I what is that source you put up there?


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