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Here is an early look at the new perfumes to be issued in the year 2007. I am basing myself both on a Russian site called Malenkij Parizh (Little Paris) and on Parfum-Echecs Chez Alice (Perfume-Chess at Alice's). This is a selective list and there are more. Some of the upcoming 2007 fragrance releases that, in particular, I have not already cited on TSS include:

• Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour by Anne Sui (2007)

• Liberté by Cacharel (spring 2007 in Europe)

• Chopard Wish Turquoise Diamond (2007 in Europe) 

• Christian Lacroix C'est La Fête (1st half of 2007 in Europe)

• Virgin Island Water by Creed (March 2007 in Europe - a unisex fragrance) 

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Photo: Collage by Pierre Robin 

• Armani Charm by Armani (spring 2007 in Europe)

• Givenchy Amarige Ylang Ylang de Mayotte millésime 2006 (March 2007 in France)

• Givenchy Organza Fleur d'Oranger de Nabeul Millésime 2006 (March 2007 in France)

• Givenchy Very Irresistible Rose Centifolia Millésime 2006 (March 2007 in France)

• Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Angélique Lilas (A preview in March 2007 in the Guerlain boutiques. May 2007 in Europe. It is the 18th scent in the Aqua Allegoria line) 

• Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic (A preview in March 2007 in the Guerlain boutiques. May 2007 in Europe. It is the 19th scent in the Aqua Allegoria line)

• L'Occitane Rose et Reine (beginning of February) 

• Michael Kors Island Hawaï (February 2007 in the US) 

• Mona di Orio Oiro (end of 2006 - beginning of 2007 at Taizo in Cannes and By Terry in Paris) 

• Moschino Funny! (February 2007 in Europe)

• Nelly Rodi Scent Factory number "9" (end of 2006-beginning of 2007)

• Nikos Sculpture Morning Feel (2007 in Europe)

• Parfums de Nicolaï Maharani (end of 2006 - beginning of 2007 in their flagship store in Paris) 

• Ralph Lauren Ralph Rocks (February 2007 in the US)

I am particularly looking forward to Maharani by Parfums de Nicolaï as well as the Guerlains.

Sources: Malenkij Parizh, Parfum-Echecs 

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  1. Ooooh, I hope the Amarige Millesime is released in the US, too. Don't think I care much about the other Givenchy LEs, but the last Amarige Millesime was so wonderful I'd be interested to see what a boost of ylang does! Too bad they're not doing something fun like that with Organza Indecence. Not that I don't already adore the original to pieces, but it'd be fun.

  2. As a big Nicolaï fan, I'm looking forward to sniffing that one.

    I wonder who on earth Clavin Klein are targeting with their latest, abysmally named release...;-) I like the juxtaposition of this text-type awfulness againt Creed's silly high brand, supposed jet set scent name. In2U Virgin Island Water - I wonder if the scents layered would be as interesting...

  3. I like the idea of an injection of ylang too! Love that smell.

  4. Ah, ah a very good illustration of how intimately connected semantics are with perfumes - one leads to the other and vice-versa.

  5. Can anyone tell me how and when I can find Givency's Organza Indecence?

  6. Armani has another one coming out in the USA it's called Armani Attitude

  7. Hi - I am looking for the relaunch of the old fragrance Biba...by Biba...heard its coming out this spring. Does anyone know where I can get a bottle. Hope its the same fragrance as the 70"s. It was amazing..while walking in the streets of NY , people were stopping me to ask what I was wearing.

  8. Hi - this is to Ellen -
    I have been looking since the middle 80's for Biba. The same thing would happen to me regarding people asking me what I had on & where could they get it - men & women! Good Luck to both of us! Hope it comes out soon. Where did you hear this?

  9. Hi- I have also been looking for the fragrance Biba for some time. Loved it...and would like to know if it is available to purchase.

  10. When I was 13/14 my best friend and I used to skip school to go to Biba's in Kensington High Street. It was like entering a magical universe of the ultra hip and the terrifyingly cool. We bought a fab white rubberised macintosh between us. SO stylish!...and we wore Biba cologne. It was the most beautiful soft and deeply exotic fragrance I have ever smelled. Do we know if it is coming back?

  11. I miss Biba too...my all time favorite!

  12. Biba.....I have been trying to find out what the different perfume notes were and what people remember about this wonderful perfume...i remember a citrus like note being part of it........anyone with other memories please share : )


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