Azzaro Now Women & Azzaro Now Men by Azzaro {New Perfumes}



Azzaro is going to launch its first duo of fragrances called Azzaro Now Women and Azzaro Now Men starting in March 2007 in Europe. The bottles, which were designed by Emmanuelle Royer, will be based on the same concept as that of Gaultier2 except in this case the image of a couple is symbolized by two bubbles in fusion....


Picture: Bubbles I by Mark Pulliam 

Azzaro Now Women was composed by Annie Buzantian and Alberto Morillas and is described as a soft floral. It comprises aldehydic notes, amber rum, white tea, and floral notes.

Azzaro Now Men is a green woody fragrance composed by Lucas Sieuzac and Christophe Raynaud. It has notes of rose oxide, white leather, and lichen. 

"The EdTs come in 80ml, 50ml and 30ml formats, priced €59; €45 and €29 respectively. Azzaro Now Men offers an after-shave gel and deodorant stick, while Azzaro Now Women also comes in a sparkling body spray. The 50ml sprays are also sold in a duo pack for €65."

Source: Cosmetic News

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