Voleur de Ciels, Tobacco Mucho, Un Thé au Sahara, Berbériades, Embruns d'Ambre, Amande Honorable, Le Pot Aux Roses by Stéphanie de Saint Aignan {New Perfumes}


Stéphanie de Saint Aignan released her first 2007 collection of perfumes comprising 7 fragrances in October. She plans in the future to introduce a new fragrance each year. De Saint Aignan was trained at ISIPCA and now works independently owning her own laboratory.

Currently her line includes Voleur de Ciels (The Skies Thief), Tobacco Mucho, Amande Honorable (lit. Honorable Almond, a play on the expression "amende honorable"), Le Pot Aux Roses (lit. The Potted Roses; refers to an expression meaning that one has uncovered a scheme), Berbériades (a reference to a travel to the region of the Berbers), Un Thé au Sahara (A Tea in Sahara after the novel by Paul Bowles), and Embruns d'Ambre (Amber Sprays)......

Voleurs de Ciels is marketed as a masculine fragrance and contains notes of mint, gasoline, milky jasmine, and leather. It is described as smelling both of a man and a plane.

Tobacco Mucho is marketed as a unisex scent and is meant to evoke the smell of Havana cigars. It includes notes of frosted lemon, burnt wood, and tobacco leaves. 

Berbériades is a women's fragrance and has notes of citrus, jasmines, spices, and woods. 

Amande Honorable is described as evoking the smell of laundry freshly washed in the countryside.

Embruns d'Ambre showcases ambergris. 

Le Pot Aux Roses is described as a delicate powdery scent. It contains green notes, iris, violet, rose, and white musk. 

Un Thé au Sahara has notes of mint, tea, spices, and precious woods. 

The perfumer likens her collections of perfumes to fashion collections that need to bring in new ideas each year. She plans to open a boutique in Paris. For the moment being you can find her perfumes at Le Printemps de La Beauté. A 30 ml flacon retails for 60 Euros and a 50 ml flacon for 80 Euros.

Sources: Au Féminin, Osmoz fr., Basenotes. 

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