Interview with Tom Tykwer - by Michael Guillen {Fragrant Reading}


Film critic Michael Guillen did a great interview with director Tom Tykwer, which was published on his blog, The Evening Class - and on Twitch.

Here's an excerpt from the interview (translated from the German), where Tykwer offers his reaction on the Thierry Mugler coffret:

"MG: Do they [the perfumes from the Thierry Mugler coffret] remind you of your film?...


It's amazing. It's amazing stuff. It's really very daring. It's completely confusing and actually quite disturbing because it goes through 15 individual scents that relate to, whatever, like Paris streets 1738, fish markets, "Orgy" one's called, and they're not nice. That's an important thing, you know. If you smell Paris street in 1738, it's a nightmare. But what's amazing about it is it's really multifaceted and very complex smells of rotten elements, sweat, I don't know what, really disturbing. And for instance "Orgy" really smells quite strange, but it definitely smells sexual, and it definitely smells like human bodies and sexual hormones and I don't know how they captured it. They're very experimental about it. They've done some really new experiments [in] how to capture scent. Some are beautiful of course but most of them are more disturbing.

You can read the rest of the interview on The Evening Class.

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  1. Marie-Hélène: My sincere thanks for acknowledging my Evening Class interview. I love your term coffret; what does that mean exactly?

    I've folded the first part of your review into an update on the interview and hope you will notify me when your second installment is published.

    Your site is passionate. Such an interesting perspective with which to approach this film.

  2. Maya,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I loved your interview. Tykwer really came through in a personal and interesting manner.

    A coffret is the French word for a casket. The French have succeeded in imposing and international perfume terminology in French so I'm reproducing the original word. Thanks for the reminder though, I should translate that, it would certainly be clearer.

    Many, many thanks for linking to my review. I'll let you know about my 2nd installment soon. I'm so glad I found your site. Much food for thought.


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