Habit Rouge by Guerlain in a Giant White Bee Bottle {Fragrance News}



Guerlain is issuing Habit Rouge (Red Coat) in a beautiful refined giant white bee bottle, one of their trademark flacon designs since the days of the French Second Empire.

The name of the perfume is an allusion to the red coats worn by hunters.... 

Habit Rouge is one of the best men's fragrances to exist and is extremely wearable by women.

This would make a stunning gift.

The perfume is composed of notes of orange, limette, citron, bergamot, spices, patchouli, and vanilla. The flacon contains 500 ml or 16.907 oz of the jus.

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  1. I love that bottle, but 500 ml???
    I always wonder who buys such giant bottles.

  2. Hear! Hear! I love HR, but 500ml??? I can't even go through my 100ml bottle! This is for people who *only* use Habit Rouge.

  3. Or who shower with it.

  4. Benvenuta,

    I think that these types of bottles do look good even if not entirely practical. If you want to make a gift or use it as a decorative item then it makes sense. Also, I suppose some people adore Habit Rouge and would feel completely fetishist about it.

    I remember the father of a friend whose wife had passed away. He was keeping a giant bottle of Guerlain, maybe Jicky, on her vanity to remind him of her presence.


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