Le Printemps de Guerlain by Maryline Desbiolles & Des Epices Au Parfum by Brigitte Bourgny-Romagne {Fragrant Readings}




Two new publications on perfumes are now available.The first one called Le Printemps de Guerlain is by author Maryline Desbiolles and is also available in an English version called Spring at Guerlain.....

This book is inspired both by the painting "Spring" by Boticelli and the history of the house of Guerlain. The structure of the book however is anything but chronological as it follows the movements of the emotions of the author as the attempt here was to encourage a different type of writing about the Guerlain perfumes. You can find it in France, Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland in the Guerlain boutiques. Price: 50 Euros.

The second one is called Des Epices au Parfum: Comment Les Epices Ont Ecrit L'Histoire Des Hommes et Des Parfums and is written by Brigitte Bourgny-Romagne. It is a chronological history of spices and perfumes. The book is published by Aubanel and backed by the French Comité du Parfum. Price: 40 Euros.

Sources: Women's Wear Daily, Au Féminin

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