Cardiet Design Drops Its Case Against Guerlain Regarding Insolence {The 5th Sense in the News}


Cardiet Design dropped its suit against Guerlain regarding possible infringement of copyrights by Serge Mansau where the flacon of Insolence is concerned at the beginning of last week.....

Guerlain, Serge Mansau, and Exergue were able to prove that the bottle of Insolence was directly inspired by a sculpture presented by Serge Mansau as early as 1973 at the Foire Internationale de l'Art Contemporain (FIAC). The sculpture inspired the design of a perfume flacon starting in 1996. 

I wanted to call your attention to the fact that according to a comment that was left on this blog by a close friend of Cardiet, it seems that the latter had had no choice but to bring up the case, I am assuming because otherwise the same accusation of copyrights infringement could have emanated from Guerlain. To be confirmed.

Source: Tf1. Photo on the right represents the original sculpture from 1973 by Serge Mansau.


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