Nisha, Melba, Tabula, Pinkiny, Bluecy, Sunbee, Ma, Ne & Ki by Catmuse {New Perfumes}



A new French perfume brand called Catmuse will debut in the spring of 2007 with offerings from three different collections of scents. The Fall/Winter collection includes Nisha, Melba, Tabula. The Spring/Summer one Pinkiny, Bluecy, and Sunbee. And the Cruise Collection comprises Ma, Ne, and Ki....

They are fruity scents like pinacolada, mandarin, and grenadine. 

The quirky bottles were designed by Pierre Dinand and the packages by Michel Laroue. The project was conducted under the coordination of president of the Fragrance Foundation France Catherine Disdet. As its color code and themes reveal, the collections are aimed at a young audience.

30 ml bottles will retail for 12 Euros and 100 ml ones for 19 Euros. 

Source: Cosmetic News


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