Special Offer on the Signature Collection by Zz's Petals, Parfume Moderne {Shopping Tip} {Holiday Gift Idea}

ZZ'sPetals.jpg Niche perfumery Zz's Petals, Parfume Moderne has a buy-one-get-one-free offer good through Dec 15 2006. If you buy one bottle of 4 ml extrait in the Signature Collection, you will get a free 1/4 oz of eau de parfum (your choice).


There is also the possibility of purchasing a Mix & Match Sampler. You can choose up to 5, 1 ml vials of eau de parfum for $40 and they will be wrapped in a gift box for you.

All creations by perfumer Zz Zorn are hand-crafted, all-natural fragrances. The Signature Collection comprises 7 perfumes: Grand Canyon, Jazz Trio #1, Jo Jo, Misetu, Sinti, Pink Praline, and Marcco.... 


Here's a description of the perfumes: 

GRAND CANYON - Notes of Orange
Flower, Clementine, Black Pepper and Vanilla. A Unisex fragrance
that captures the essence of orange wrapping it in a tinge of
spicy dry pepper with the warmth of vanilla


- This Jasmine is paired with Indian Sandalwood and Red Mandarin,
set into an alcohol tincture of Boronia and Mimosa. In this perfume
the wood is complimentary, fronted by the citrus and floral notes.

JO JO - The intoxicating pairing of Ylang Ylang with
rich roasted Coffee a hint of citrus and a blend of Jasmines,
set in to a base of woods and vanilla.Rich and well rounded,
with dominant notes of sweet flowers, toned by soft woods.

MISETU - This is a truly feminine
fragrance, with a heavenly retro feel. With heart notes of Magnolia
and White
Lotus, Grapefruit and Tobacco top notes,
and a balsam and vetiver base. All set into an Asian spice tincture.
The floral note in this perfume is very smooth and balanced,
with a centering dry down that goes on for hours.

SINTI - An innovative pairing
of Galbanum and Fir with Centifolia Rose and Clary Sage, create
a wonderfully dry spicy rose perfume. Set into an organic blueberry
alcohol with hints of vanilla. Sinti is the new rose. An exquisite
rose with the complexity and depth that only a true rose can

PINK PRALINE - Is a shameless sultry sweet southern
dipped gourmonde' A praline scent, with lots of

cocoa, a dash of coffee, nutty maple reduction, tonka bean tincture
and natural sweet ambers, with a delicious pink grapefruit top

MARCCO - East meets west in this unisex gourmonde'
of sweet basil, ginger spice and mint. A very up front, but slightly
dry, refreshing blend. Balanced with the floral note of Tuberose
and a tincture of Champaca wood, in a not too sweet Vanilla base.

Source: Zz's Petals, Parfume Moderne 


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