Rock 'n Rose by Valentino {New Perfume}



Valentino is going to launch a new women's fragrance called Rock 'n Rose aimed at the younger demographic group. In a nutshell, the perfume is meant to be “for the Rock Princess [for whom] the shopping mall is her Mecca and the style pages of Vogue are her Bible”. The perfume was developed by Will Andrews in collaboration with Quest.....

"Described as a fantasy rose scent, it contains muguet, bergamot and blackcurrant notes at the top, around a heart of rose and white florals including gardenia and orange blossom. At the base are notes of vanilla, orris and musk.

Rock ‘n Rose is available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml EdPs, priced at €37, €56 and €75 respectively, plus a body lotion (€28), and a shower gel and deodorant spray (both €25).

Rock ‘n Rose launches worldwide in January through February 2007."

The concept to me feels very similar to the one developed by Robert Ricci for the Juliette Has A Gun perfume line.

Source: Cosmetic News 


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  2. Just one correction to this entry. The fragrance was actually developed by the P&G Fragrance Creation team in close partnership with Mr Valentino & Quest. It was not solely developed by me. We describe the fragrance as a 'fantasy rose' scent, part of our Floral Soft-Rosy-Florals family. Keep up the great reviews! Will.

    Will Andrews
  3. Bought a bottle of your perfume and love it..

  4. Purchased a bottle because I liked the scent but after an hour or so can't even smell it.

  5. I also purchased this beautiful smelling fragrance, but the scent does not last.

  6. i bought the 90ml. i love this scent. and i dont really agree with previous reviews, because on me this Rock n Rose lasts long! :)

  7. I read the reviews about how the scent doesn't last long...but after angela's entry I thought 'hey why not see for yourself...' Like the reviews before, the scent doesn't last at all. I'm hoping 'rock n rose couture' lasts longer because I really love the fragrance...if anyone has tried it out let me know!

  8. i just got one of this rock 'n rose and it's really very rose. i like it~! Someone said it won't last long. i think maybe it's because it changes to a very gentle and soft smell later. that's interesting. i used to think it's a spicy floral one, but a moment later it become feminie and soft.


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