Lady Vengeance & Miss Charming by Juliette Has A Gun {New Perfumes}



Romano Ricci, the grandson of the founder of the Nina Ricci brand has created a new fragrance line called Juliette Has A Gun. The first two scents, Lady Vengeance and Miss Charming will bow in December 2006 and will be available for purchase in the high-end concept Parisian store Colette...

Nose Francis Kurkdjian composed the two rose fragrances. The bottles were designed by Sylvie de France; it will be a black bottle for Lady Vengeance and a white one for Miss Charming so as to enable you to play, we may assume, with the different facets of your character following the same line of thought as the one developed for Ange ou Démon by Givenchy.

"The EdPs come in 50ml and 100ml versions, priced €60 and €85 respectively. The brand is expected to arrive in French department stores next year in time for Valentine’s Day at undisclosed outlets. Ricci also plans to expand the offering with a further three products in 2007".

213 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001, Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 55 35 33 90
Fax: +33 1 55 35 33 99 

The Colette site has been revamped and is now very cool-looking and sounding. 

Source: Cosmetic News

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  1. I must be getting old ... I have NO desire to wear something called Juliet Has a Gun, and I had to click on your link to even understand the name. Next stop for me: Jean Nate splash and an ear trumpet?

  2. I personally like the name Lady Vengeance; it makes me think of Lady Macbeth.

  3. While the names are a lot of fun, unless they're exceptional, I don't really think I want another rose scent right now...
    I have all kinds and varieties.
    It would have to be drop-dead seductive as all hell...

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  5. I 'm wearing Rose Barbare today, I like it so much that I 'm looking forward trying other Kurkdjian rose scents. I 've never been a rose fan but I 'm seduced by his approach and work on Rose Barbare.

    Aline et Valcour

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