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Fragrance supplier Michael Mane is issuing a very select number of copies of his new perfume called Yu, 500 total, to be priced at $5000 each. It will be sold privately. The scent is said to capture the aromas of the South of France in July. Mane is following in the footsteps of Thierry Mugler who recently engaged in a non-commercial perfume venture with the creation of the Das Parfum set.

"Called Yu (or special raindrop, in Chinese), the flacon is an extremely artistic interpretation of a raindrop. And the juice is composed of natural, sustainable elements, with champaca, a member of the magnolia family from Southeast Asia, as the heart of the fragrance. Cecilia Krakower, perfumer at Mane USA, spent eight months working on it"...

• Jean-Paul Gaultier will launch Fleurs du Mâle, a floral variation on Le Mâle.

• Jill Hill "...has come up with new retailing concepts: Clandestine, a tight selection of niche fragrance brands; DZNR, a collection of fashion brand scents, and Perfume Is Art, an exhibition-like display that aims to raise merchandising to the level of an art gallery". 

• Christian Lacroix is going to issue an adaptation of the discontinued C'est La vie called C'est La Fête. 

• Clarins plans to introduce a second women's scent in 2008.

• Bulgari will launch a new perfume called Omnia Améthyste in February to be exclusively distributed in Asia first and then to the wider market in September 2007.

• Ferragamo will introduce Incanto Shine in March 2007 and is in the process of creating a masculine version of F by Ferragamo.

• A new John Varvatos fragrance for women will bow at the end of spring 2007.

• And last but not least, Francois Hénin of Jovoy Paris is attempting to bring back to life the venerable Parisian brand from the 1920s "...with a highly unusual collection of seven scents, each of which represents a fragrance family. Every 50-ml. eau de toilette spray retails in Europe for 65 euros, or $82. A coffret of the seven scents goes for 350 euros, or $443".

Source: Women's Wear Daily

Photo is from Basenotes and represents Allez Coco! by Jovoy; you can see CastorPollux's post about some of the Jovoy fragrances. 

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  1. So ... it's supposed to evoke the south of France, its name is Chinese and the juice has champaca? Oy, my head hurts. Also, we don't need another Incanto flanker.

    On the plus side, the Jovoy one sounds cool.

  2. I agree, the Jovoy ones sound very cool.

  3. Thank you so much for all the news! I love your blog, please keep up the great job. I loved the photo and the link to the Jovoy and Corday post you got, great info!.

  4. Ivan,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I hope we'll hear more about the Jovoys in the not too distant future.


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