J'Adore by Dior in a Mega Giant Bottle {Fragrance News}


We were discussing earlier how come people would want to buy giant perfume bottles. Well, now we have Dior J'Adore that's even bigger and more intriguing than Habit Rouge. Indeed you would  have to adore this stuff to be thinking of buying a 1.3 L flacon or 43.9 oz of the jus.

It retails for 564.30 Euros or 752.043 USD.

Are perfume bottles trying to compete with expensive wine bottles around Christmas?

Source: Sephora.fr 

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  1. I suppose one could literally bathe in the stuff. I would say that's a bit much, given the jus is a little meh for me. Which fragrance would you like to see in such a large bottle....we seem to be stuck on size, Helene. : )

  2. I suppose we are:) I agree that the perfume is not dazzling enough, at least on my skin, to warrant purchasing more than a liter of it.

    I think that for sentimental reasons I would appreciate receiving a giant bottle of the pure extract of Vol de Nuit by Guerlain.

  3. Hélène, Bryan, this is a great idea for a post! If there was one perfume I would like to see in a liter bottle, that would be Chanel Pour Monsieur because I adore it, naturally, and because it isn't very longlasting - I would be able to reapply all day!

  4. There you go, you just need to adore a fragrance to want to buy a liter of it:)


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