Kylie Minogue Will Launch Men's Cologne {Fragrance News} {New Perfume} {Celebrity Perfume}


The scoop is that Kylie Minogue's boyfriend Olivier Martinez is partial to Darling and loves to spray it on himself. So much so that it inspired Kylie to want to launch a men's cologne.

Darling has been a great success in the UK: "'Darling' hit the stores last November and outsold many perfumes released by other stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton."

Ah, l'amour! 



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  1. That is SO sweet! *wibble* Do you think it's actually true? I have to admit. I have heart bubbles. He's so sweet.

    Love from Rollergirl

  2. Rollergirl,

    I would hope that he sprayed it at least once on himself and said it was nice:)

    I could see a guy in love do that in real life without any problem personally.


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