La Môme by Balmain, More News {New Perfume}



As previously mentioned, Balmain is introducing a new fragrance called La Môme (The Kid) inspired by charismatic French singer Edith Piaf. We learn further that the perfume offers a vintage flair and attempts to capture the atmosphere of post-war Paris as well as Piaf's passionate personality.....

It is described as floral-oriental and is a rose and iris perfume with May rose in the head notes, Damascan rose in the heart, and iris/orris in the base notes.

It will be sold in exclusivity at the Marionnaud perfumeries around the time of the release of Olivier Dahan's biopic of Edith Piaf in February 2007. The eau de parfum will retail from 49 Euros for 50 ml.

Source: Le Journal des Femmes

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  1. "Avis de décès"
    Does Balmain still exist or is it just dying ? One year after its launch, I saw the latest fragrance, Eau d'Amazonie, in a 'solderie' in Paris. It's a pity. What's more, when I go on their website, E. d'A. is presented as 'the big thing'. I tryied to call them to have info about La Môme but whenever I call, nobody answers.
    Although my father wears Monsieur Balmain, I'm afraid to say that Balmain is going to die.

  2. Ambroxan,

    I think you're right to point out that it makes a poor, almost funeral impression when a company is not conscious enough ot its internet image and does not offer a more dynamic *updated* website. Qui plus est, they do not answer the phone in their store! I have the same problem w/ Parfums de Rosine by the way. Maybe tel numbers need to be updated more clearly.

    The great Balmains have been reformulated, but to my surprise, I thought that the new Jolie Madame was not half bad. I actually like it although I was not a wearer of it in the past, so I'm probably being more indulgent than its loyal wearers. The real test for me will be with Miss Balmain that I used to wear and of which I have a more vivid memory.

    Let's see how La Môme will smell like. I am excited about the news.

  3. Bonjour Marie Hélène.
    For 'Les Parfums de Rosine', you can call the boutique @ + 33 (0)1 42 60 11 51
    To go there : Jardin du Palais Royal, 105 Galerie de VALOIS, 75001 PARIS
    from 11h to 18h30.
    I've just called them, the number works.
    The person I had, told me the fragrances were previously sold in department stores, but are now available at the boutique.

  4. Super, merci Ambroxan!

  5. I'm a big fan of Balmain and am puzzled as to why this marque is not more popular. As you say, I think that the current version of Jolie Madame is not bad at all; I wear both this and the vintage parfum.

    Miss Balmain are Ivoire are also in my fragrance wardrobe, and I hope La Mome is more in keeping with the "vintage" vibe of JM & MB, rather than the completely forgettable Balmya. This is a fruity-floral mess and languishes in the back of my closet.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the new one! (I'm thinking of the lovely new Baghari by Piguet, and hoping La Mome will come close to it, not in notes, but in terms of "modern vintage," if that makes any sense.)

  6. AnneE,

    Let's change something about that then:) We will start by planning to do a review of Miss Balmain; I just need to get ahold of a bottle of the new version.

    I used to wear Ivoire and Vent Vert too which I loved. You're right to say that this is a brand that seems underrated these days. Let's take a closer look at it then;)

    Thanks very much for your input. Hope to hear your impressions in the future.

  7. Bonjour, Marie-Helene, and annE-

    I, too, am a great admirer of many of these, and eagerly await "La Mome".

    I can send you a sample of the recent Miss Balmain [SO misnamed- hardly a frag for young girls !]

    Just let me know...

    Sois sage !

  8. Chaya,

    Absolutely agree that Miss Balmain is or used to be the least girly of perfumes by today's standards at least.

    I am excited to re-try them. I just bought a bottle of vintage Miss Balmain and would be very curious to see how the new version compares next to it. Let's do an exchange then. Do you have the old version?

  9. Marie-Helene,
    I actually have the new EDT and the old parfum.

    What's good for you?

  10. Marie-Helene,
    I actually have the new EDT and the old parfum.

    What's good for you?

  11. Marie-Helene,
    I actually have the new EDT and the old parfum.

    What's good for you?


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