My Holy Grail Scent: J'Adore by Dior - An Article by Melanie Adrian {Fragrant Reading} {Perfume Review}


J'Adore J'Adore by Melanie Adrian

Growing into a new scent was much like changing favourite colors or genres of music. Although a seemingly insignificant adjustment not perceptible to most, for me, the change in perfume marked an important shift in life.

I was in Paris, of all places, and happened by a Sephora store when I encountered The Scent. Quite an accident of fate, I happened to smell j'adore as I was generally perusing perfumes. Not because of the allure of the bottle - which still doesn't seem like the most ingenious design idea (and is wholly unpractical for the traveler with its long neck whose top constantly comes off). It was the scent, pure and simple, that lured me: the strength of the floral without the lurid sweetness of the petals and its magnificent undertone, only darkening with time, that gives it both its independence and rebelliousness, strength and spontaneity...

I fell in love with j'adore at that very counter, but for some reason wasn't ready to commit - perhaps because I was torn between my old life and new? Thankfully, I was given a significant sample, which I cherished like it was gold - only applying it to my wrists when opportunity afforded and when I knew I would be able to enjoy it most.

I've never regretted the time it took to adjust to j'adore or the change in lifestyle this entailed: I feel it accompanied a transition to independence of thought and a rooted rebelliousness of spirit. When I finally did buy my own bottle, I was never happier with the decision. Admittedly, I was a little enthusiastic at first with the amount and locality of the usage - spraying it on my pillow before bed and my clothes in the mornings. Now, I use The Scent for much more than a simple spray. Getting up before dawn to write, fashion by the wayside, hair barely combed (but teeth brushed), I spray just a little bit on my clothes before sitting down to work. It makes me more human, feel more womanly and assertive and those feelings feed a stream of creativity that far outlasts the coming of day, and dawning of night.

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