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Fragrances of the World/Parfums du Monde 2007 by Michael Edwards is out this month. This reference book is published annually; in this 23rd edition, Edwards undertakes a "preliminary analysis of the 2006 launches, compared to 2005 and 1996." Perfume launches have steadily increased since 1996; if there were 205 new fragrances in 1996, there were 545 new ones in 2005 and 693 in 2006.

Niche fragrances, celebrity fragrances, limited editions, and flankers are categories in which more launches took place. Feminine fragrances are still vastly dominant, 451 launches against 190 masculine fragrances and 90 unisex ones.

You can purchase it here:  

Fragrances of the World 2007

Sources: The Moodie Report , Amazon

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