New Guerlains: Iris Ganache, Garden Sensuel, Oud Sensuel, Muguet Perfume, Bois des Indes, Hiver en Russie, Contes Tahitiens, Boudoir Vénitien by Guerlain {New Perfumes}


Canadian Perfume critic and journalist Mario Girard uncovers several upcoming Guerlain perfumes for 2007 to the readers of La Presse. We mention the ones that were not already referred to on the blog.

Iris Ganache will be a new addition to the collection L'Art et la Matière which already comprises Rose Barbare, Cuir Béluga, Bois d'Arménie et Angélique Noire.....

Guerlain Fragrances artistic director Sylvaine Delacourte has also worked on two for-him and for-her sensual oils, Garden Sensuel and Oud Sensuel, inspired by a trip to the middle-east. They are said to combine Guerlain's classicism with the more carnal aspect of oriental perfumes from the region. On the first of May, the house will issue its traditional yearly edition of a lily of the valley fragrance. you can read about the 2006 Guerlain Muguet here. Finally Guerlain announces the introduction of four home fragrances called Bois des Indes (Indian Woods), Hiver Russe (Russian Winter), Contes Tahitiens (Tahitian Fairy-Tales), and Boudoir Vénitien(Venitian Boudoir).

You can read more about the Guerlain releases and comments by Sylvaine Delacourte about the creations of several of the house's fragrances as she is currently on a business trip in Canada.

Pluie de nouveautés chez Guerlain

Source: La Presse via Cyberpresse

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  1. Oh my. This changes everything - IF this stuff makes it out of Europe! Please say it will...


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