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Love Bird is the latest fragrance by designer Nanette Lepore and comes as a limited edition just on time to be presented as a gift for Valentine's Day, while both help create and satisfy a yearning for the freshness of spring and even the summery pleasures of days spent by the seaside.....

Love Bird is a woody transparent floral fragrance that combines a serene sense of oceanic freshness and calm with lovely florals and warmer whimsical gourmand undertones. The fragrance is soft and weaves together both thirst-quenching crystal-clear juicy notes and light creamy ones while developing a sensual base of woods and clean animalic notes. The perfume contains notes of citrus, ozone, blackcurrant, rose, muguet, jasmine, carnation, woods, hay, musk, and amber.

Love Bird makes you think of a ribboned box of bite-sized heart-shaped macaroons by Ladurée that would have been half-hidden by the dewey multi-colored petals of a bouquet of flowers, both to be found in a gift-basket. Or, again, it is as if a cup-cake with whipped cream were nonchalantly sitting next to a long glass of icy light lemonade or iced water with drops of essences of flowers, rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley perfuming the drink and then the palate while an oceanic breeze would be scenting the air at a pastry shop by the seaside.

The development is not meant to be dramatic as the perfume is rather meant to enhance one's natural sensual skin scent and attract attention to it rather than to the composition itself. With time, the scent radiates and brings out slightly sharper sexy woody notes such as the piquancy of sandalwood while enveloping the wearer with a veil of clean white musk and near-transparent amber and diaphanous flowers.

Love Bird is reminiscent of Kisu by Tann Rokka and Narciso Rodriguez for Her, except for the addition of prettily indulgent gourmand notes. The bottle is lovely to behold, a mix of cuteness and prettiness that seems inspired by Persian miniature paintings. The flacon has a nice heft to it.

As I am listening to birds eloquently and energetically chirping away in the garden, they seem to herald the coming of just such fragrances as Love Bird and invite us to leave the seriousness of winter behind us with a few drops of perfume on the pulse points.

You can find Love Bird at Sephora. It retails for $58 for a bottle of 3.4 oz.

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  1. Thank you for your impressions on this latest from NL. It goes to show how different skin chemistry can be: I tried Love Birds at our local Nordstrom about a week ago and it was extremely reminiscent of SJP Lovely Liquid Satin, not NR for Her (I seem to be anosmic to that type of musk). Unfortunately, I got none of the other lovely stuff you did. Oh well, more money saved: I already have the SJPLLS!

    Bonne journee - T

  2. Bonjour Tommasina,

    I have not tried Lovely Liquid Satin and will try to catch up on that:)

    Love Bird is a pretty scent with a very good smelling drydown. That last part is the winning part for me, personally.

    The first time I tried it, I thought that it smelled quite animalic and dirty, so you're right to point out that body chemistry or perceptions of a given perfume may vary quite a bit, even from day to day! I try however to concentrate on seemingly immutable general characteristics that seem to structure the scent. But it's true that a perfume review could also be in the form of a journal of your perceptions of it.

  3. I have to say Love Bird immediately reminded me of SJP Lovely and I never got any of the gourmand notes.

  4. Jennifer,

    I know SJP Lovely and own it, but for some reason was reminded more of the other ones. I think because LB is more gourmand and woody to my nose.

    Ah, ah, interesting! I definitely get the gourmand feel myself:)


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