New French Perfume Blog, Parfum-Inoubliable by Thierry Piguet {Fragrance News}

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 There is a newcomer to the perfume blogosphere called Parfum-Inoubliable (Unforgettable Perfume), a French perfume blog authored by Thierry Piguet. He is a businessman and the grand-nephew of Robert Piguet, the fashion designer and promoter of such wonderful fragrance classics as Bandit, Fracas, Baghari, etc.....

Thierry's blog is in principle more focused on designer fragrances from the 1920s to the 1970s and its exceptional heritage of charm and emotion that he would like to make come alive for us. But most of all he wants to bring to our attention quality perfumes. He also has a great informative website on Robert Piguet.

Please visit his blog: Parfum-Inoubliable

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  1. Dear Marie- Helene,
    you have so many interesting news items ! Also do you by chance have a European clavier to write in all the various French accents? Just curious . I used to get Beauty Buz , cosmetic news[ free when my Aunt Ethel worked for W - they had fragrange trnds - London, Paris etc. what afrench woman like to wear perfume wise - I loved it and thought it was fascinating Do you have any link or article wher i could read these stats enfrabcais ou anglais,
    Merci bien .
    A bientot ! Madelyn E

    Madelyn E
  2. Ah, yes, I've met Thierry a few times... He was sweet enough to offer me my first bottle of Bandit! He truly cares about the heritage of the Piguet name. Thanks for the info!

  3. Dear Madelyn,

    Indeed, I can use diacritics with my clavier, but it's an US clavier.

    I sent you some articles about the topic that interests you and have posted about the top 10 perfumes in France and Australia for which I found info.

  4. Dear Denyse,

    It's a small world:) You're most welcome!


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