Eau de Star & Ice*Men by Thierry Mugler {New Perfumes}


In order to celebrate the phenomenal success of the perfume Angel and its 15th anniversary, Thierry Mugler is preparing to launch two new perfumes in April 2007, one for women called Eau de Star and one for men called Ice*Men.....

Eau de Star is described as an oriental-aquatic fragrance where patchouli and vanilla are refreshed by aquatic notes. Ice*Men is a very fresh water in which airy notes, patchouli, and a dash of icy spicy notes (an iced coffee and frosted nutmeg accord) combine.

Eau de Star was created by perfumer Louis Turner. Ice*Men was created by nose Jacques Huclier. Both bottles were designed by Jean-Jacques Urcun.

The launch will take place worldwide in April and the perfumes will reach the United States in September 2007. 

Sources: Osmoz, Basenotes, Wikipedia 


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