Jardins Romantiques by Yves Saint Laurent {New Perfume}


Yves Saint Laurent will introduce another spring edition of its classic fragrance Paris. This time, the scent is called Jardins Romantiques (Romantic Gardens) and will include a fresh bouquet of rose, lilac, lily of the valley, and cut grass.

Hmmmm, this sounds ravishing and uplifting. The gardens of Paris are one of the loveliest sights to behold in the spring and now we will be able to imagine we are smelling them.

The perfume will retail for 54 Euros. 

Source: Osmoz 

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  1. Dear Marie- Helene,

    I second your sentiment .
    I was a huge fan of the original Paris .. wore it in the 80's and loved it .
    Funny how a name romantic gardens can instantly create desire . I remember strolling by some of the gorgeous jardins tuileries ..etc Like yourself. I am eagerly anticipating this one .
    What is your favorite place in Paris to let's say promenade ? Also , in your, opinion is there a scent of Paris ?
    For me . I associate Paris with (don't laugh ) Gucci No. III -very green and invigorating .

    Madelyn E
  2. Dear Madelyn,

    I do not have a favorite place to promenade. I adore Paris in general. The older quarters of the city would have my preference though.

    Just one scent of Paris? Not really. When I was in the UK however, I remember how I longed for sophisticated perfumed sillages that were so common on the street in Paris and much less so where I was (Oxford). When I returned back at one point I felt very happy to catch those trails of seduction right when I arrived at the train station.

    Ah, you mean a perfume association with Paris? I remember saying once Fleurs de Caron. I would need to revisit that idea.


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