New Perfume Arrivals at Luckyscent: MDCI Perfumes, Heeley Cèdre Blanc, Anné Pliska {Shopping Tips}


You can now place pre-orders for the new MDCI line of perfumes at Luckyscent. Its owner Claude Marchal has developed five fragrances in collaboration with renowned perfumers Francis Kurkdjian, Pierre Bourdon, and Stéphanie Bakouche.

It is a great example of how the so-called luxury perfume industry can meet niche perfumery as these noses usually work for much more maisntream brand names. The lines are therefore getting blurrier between the two sectors in terms of who the creators are. For well-established noses, it is a way for them to create more personal fragrances liberated from some of the constraints of the big industry....

The perfumes are very high quality. We will follow up this announcement with reviews of the MDCI perfumes which for the moment being are being named in a very minimalist fashion by simply using the initials of the perfumers followed by a number in a series. For example, Francis Kurkdjian's three fragrances for the line are called FK1, FK2, FK3.

Heeley Cèdre Blanc has notes of cumin, cardamom, violet leaf, cedar, and white musk.

Anné Pliska eau de parfum, parfum, and body cream are also now available. 

Photo is from Luckyscent 

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