Sexiness Expert Dusan Z Offers a List of Perfumes To Wear On Valentine's Day {Perfume List} {Men's Colognes}

“I’m too sexy for Milan,
Too sexy for Milan,
New York and Japan.” An Article by Dusan Z
Yeah, I wish. Picture your granny (no disrespect to Grannies Worldwide) in Victoria’s Secret’s latest lace extravaganza. Yep, she is sexy, not me. From time to time, though, I like to slather myself with a certain scent believing it will give me the aura of sexiness that I desperately need around me. The one that always manages to arouse (only me, of course) is Opium Pour Homme. Ah, oh, ooh and all manner of interjections come out of the bottle. It’s hot, smoldering, spicy and rich and so plush and creamy in the drydown that I just want to sneak off from seeing eyes and have mindblowing sex with myself. (Did I just say that out loud?). For a more intimate atmosphere I suggest the velvety EDP as it lacks the jarring fresh note in the EDT which will, however, make you stand out in the crowd...... 

Another winner in this category is M7. Its dark, strawberry-tinged agarwood and vetiver turn me into a brooding, dark-eyed (mine are blue), mysterious leather-clad magnet (I don’t do leather). Or that model in the M7 ad. I mean, really, who looks like that?
For a fresher virile alternative, I would go with Armani Mania. Its mandarin-saffron-vetiver-scented juice is best suited for the Suits. You’ll have women swooning and sliding down your latest pin-striped charcoal Hugo Boss two-piece. Notice that I say I would go – I’m short and look ridiculous in suits and despite having long limbs, I always end up having to get my pants shortened. Aren’t you frustrated already? I sure am.
So, the scents I actually feel comfortable wearing are the ones that make me feel rather than look sexy – Bel Ami, Vetiver Tonka, Déclaration, L’Homme de Coeur, Fumerie Turque and Chanel Pour Monsieur. This list of select sexy scents should also include, according to popular opinion rather than mine, The Sexiest of Them All – Kouros. No, no, don’t shake your head at me, I don’t get it either, but women seem to go crazy over what is to me a distinct post-match male locker-room smell. Interestingly, in Serbian, my mother tongue, the word Kouros is disturbingly similar to the slang word for, you know, the thing in the naughty M7 ad…

If a woman wishes to make me go weak in the knees (I’ve managed the self-control for fear of being castrated by my girlfriend), she only needs to wear a few drops of Elegance and Distinct Femininity. A dab of Chanel no. 19 on the neck, hair sprayed with 5th Avenue or a trail of Eau des Merveilles are bound to send my pulse racing.

Dusan Z 

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  1. Great list and recommendations Dusan! It really makes me want to try or re-try the scents you mention.

  2. Dusan: How wonderful & helpful! I have never understood the allure of Chanel No. 5. But my sweetie adores it. (I suppose this could be connected to the fact that he has a thing for older women, which I am not?) So I just got him his own little decant of it. Being that he's a Midwestern US man, he could never buy such a thing for himself, but was thrilled when I did! Ellen

    pitbull friend
  3. Ellen, until I fell in love with La Myrrhe I couldn't stand Chanel 5 aka cat piss. I've learnt to appreciate and like it, but it still isn't love. No. 19 though is another story altogether... :)
    Your man must be lucky to have you! :-D


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