Olivier Cresp Is Awarded The Title of Maître Parfumeur at Firmenich {Fragrance News}


Perfumer Olivier Cresp has been awarded the title of "Maître Parfumeur" (Master Perfumer) by Firmenich. The title rewards not only creative qualities, but human ones as well. Firmenich justified its choice by saying that the decision was made with regard to his contribution "to the evolution of modern perfumery, his eminent qualities as a person and a creator as well as for his highly valued involvement with Firmenich.".....

Olivier Cresp created the international phenomenon Angel (1992) together with Yves de Chiris as well as Noa by Cacharel (1998), Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (2001), and Black XS by Paco Rabanne (2005), Rose Angel (2006) to name a few.

You can read an interview of his where he was asked questions adapted from the Proust's questionnaire here. His favorite note is patchouli and his favorite perfume... the one he has not sold to people yet.

Sources: Fashion Mag.fr, Osmoz

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  1. I am not surprised, the man is a genius! Angel is one of my favorite perfumes EVER! I wish I could wear it in public, it's such a masterpiece albeit a painfully ubiquitous one. Rose Angel is stunning, too, best of the Garden set. I believe he also did Kenzo's lovely Jungle Homme. Have you tried it, M-H?

  2. No, I haven't tried it although I meant to give a more thorough sniff to the feminine version.

    I love all of the Angel Garden ones. It's tough to make a choice.


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