Choix by Dadadandy {New Perfume}


Succeeding to the trend of minimalism and entering an altogether entirely different territory we now have the trend of nihilism in perfumery. Actually, Dadadandy prefers to use the term "surrealism" to describe their new fragrance Choix (Choice) which is composed of an alcohol base without any superfluous scent added to it.

This conceptual fragrance is part of an exhibition at Selfridges called Surrealism & The Shop in association with Surreal Things at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London.....


The Sunday Times comments that "There’s the forthcoming surrealism blockbuster at the V&A, and, from Friday, even shopping gets turned on its head, with a two-month makeover of Selfridges in London, where an entire floor is being turned into an outlet called This Is Not a Shop. Highlights include the instore absurdists Dadadandy, who will be launching their “limitless edition” scentless perfume — the emperor’s new clothes in a bottle."

Karen Wells, head of beauty at the store, said: 'Choix is a dressing table artwork, a collector's item that will appeal to lovers of surrealism and objects d'art, and is an affordable way to buy a piece of Dadadandy's work.

It retails at Selfridges, 40 Pounds for a bottle of 100 ml.

The 40 Pound Smell....Of Nothing 

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