La Bougie by Papier D'Arménie {New Perfume} {Scented Candle}



Papier D'Arménie (Armenian Paper) the label producing the famous Papier D'Arménie used as a deodorizer in France since 1885 has issued a candle based on the exquisite scent which includes the distinctive note of benzoin from Laos. Each year more than 2 millions of these little booklets continue to be sold. Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian was asked to re-create the scent in a candle form. He has also recently created a variation on the traditional scent for a Limited Edition of Papier D'Arménie.

The candle lasts 40 hours and retails for 27 Euros. For more information please call 33 (0)1 42 53 22 46 or visit

A 12 sheet booklet retails for $6 at Beauty Habit and $18 for 3 booklets at French Soaps

Source: Osmoz 


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  1. I live in San Antonio TX.
    I bought a bottle of La Bougie, Sensual Love Light, No. 7 in South Padre Island TX. Is there a store in San Antonio, TX that sells this fragrance. thanks

    Barbara Kaler
  2. Is Sensual 7 available in Dallas,Tx?
    Please let ma know ASAP.Thanks

    Clint Sanders
  3. Barbara,

    I have no idea. Just try googling it.

  4. I found the candle online for $29.99 ( cheaper than in Europe.
    You can also find the 3 booklets for $12.99 or 6 booklets for $25. I did buy those as I still have some that I bought in France earlier this year.
    Love the smell.


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